A Lobo trailer would be so amazing for a quick, overnight trip up to Beavers Bend. With the price of gas these days, I'd MUCH rather haul this than drive an RV!!

Tai Keeney Jackson

V2 Base Build Trailer Includes

  • 13.6’ Long x 6' Wide
  • 2200lbs Dry - ~3000 lbs Loaded
  • Redvision Redarc Electronics
  • Trailing Arm Independent Suspension
  • 30gal water Storage
  • Water Pump
  • Pullout Kitchen
  • Heater Faucet
  • Rear Tire Swing-out
  • Dual 100amp Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Solar/Shore/Towing/Generator Charging capabilities
  • 2000W Gopower By Renergy Inverter

All LOBO Adventure Trailers are invited back for a complementary yearly maintenance and accessory upgrade experience. We will do a full check-up and service of your LOBO Adventure Trailer and make sure everything is always adventure ready for your upcoming explorations. We will then review all of your On-Board accessories and offer you exclusive discounts for premium upgrades on your trailer. At LOBO we want you to get the best of the best! 

The following options are upgradable through select brands

Premium Roof Top Tent
Electric Fridge
Premium Awning
100w Solar Panels
Premium Wheels and Tires
360º Hitch Coupler (Lock N Roll or Max Coupler)

Tent, Shower Room, Awning & Fridge Selections are not limited to previously named brands. Other brand prices may vary based on customers' selection


In a world of concrete buildings, traffic and cell phone screens, it’s no wonder you feel nature calling you to your next adventure! You long for the mountains, the breeze through the pine needles and the feeling only a desert sunset can give you. Wherever your 4x4 will take you next, LOBO Adventure Trailers are ready for you.